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In 2005, Clearwater Forest Consultants became the first timberland management company in Missouri to receive the prestigious "Smart Wood" certification from the non-profit Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  To read the news release click here. 

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Hunting Club/Group Benefits

Landowner Benefits

If you've come this far in your search to find a place to lease, you've probably got a good idea what the benefits are already.  Most importantly, you want a place that's all yours, you don't have to share it or put up with a crowd, and you don't have to buy it.  

By leasing, you'll have more space for yourself and your hunting, camping or fishing friends or family than you would if you had to depend solely on government land for your recreational needs.  

You'll have privacy.  Nobody but you and your family or friends will be there.  You will have exclusive rights while you're there for the time which you've paid. 

(The following is reprinted from "Lease Hunting: Opportunities for Missouri Landowners," published by the University of Missouri Extension Service.)

"The primary reason sportsmen lease land is to obtain a better quality recreational experience than they believe they can obtain elsewhere.  Even though most Missourians are within a one-hour drive of a state Conservation Area, National Forest, or Federal Wildlife Refuge, many are willing to pay for access to private lands.  Examples of what sportsmen look for in a hunting lease include the following:

  • Less competition from other hunters
  • Abundant game densities
  • An atmosphere in which they feel welcome
  • Safety (control over the number or distribution of hunters)
  • Convenience or locations close to home
  • Potential trophy qualities of game
  • Convenient, comfortable and dependable camping or lodging"
(The following is reprinted from "Lease Hunting: Opportunities for Missouri Landowners," published by the University of Missouri Extension Service.)

"Many landowners lease hunting rights to increase their income from a farm or ranch.  Additional income is probably the most obvious advantage of a hunting lease.  Hunting leases are one of the easiest methods for most landowners to obtain economic benefits from wildlife and wildlife habitat.  In some cases, maintaining wildlife populations can also improve land values.

Some landowners with significant trespass problems develop hunting leases primarily to gain more control over their land.  To such landowners, the income is not nearly as important as the help they receive in controlling access to their land.  The increased activity and presence by the lessees can help reduce vandalism, theft and poaching problems related to trespassing.  

From a wildlife management standpoint, hunting leases benefit wildlife in that wildlife receive more consideration in land management decisions.  Hunting leases help conserve wildlife habitat.  Wildlife cannot exist naturally without proper habitat.  Leasing provides a just system by which the people who produce wildlife habitat are paid and the people who use the recreational access pay for it."  

For more information about the benefits to you as a landowner, check the following internet link:

Recreational Leasing of Private Timberlands: A Landowner's Perspective


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